Prepaid energy meters compulsory from today


The Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Limited (MSEDCL) has announced that it will be only give prepaid energy meters to the construction industry and all users who need to use power only for a limited period. This decision will come into effect from December 1.

“There have been numerous occasions when builders engaged in construction have either failed to settle their energy bill and hence it was passed on to the housing societies which remained disputed or sometimes a lot of time is wasted in settling the dues with the builder. The MSEDCL has therefore decided compulsorily give only prepaid meters for all temporary uses anywhere,” a senior official from MSEDCL said.

The prepaid energy meters were introduced by MSEDCL in the year 2011 but found that it had no takers in the state. Then the MSEDCL decided to make it compulsory in Pune region where the prepaid meters are being given to most new permanent connections.

“In Nashik there are limitations for introduction of the meters given the level of penetration of internet services among the masses. So first we are starting with builders and any organisation or group that needs power for a limited period,” the officer said.

The citizens are not opting for the pre-paid service as they are sceptical about the meters and the issues involved.



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