DDR to review audits of co-operative institutes in Nashik


The office of the Deputy District Registrar (Co-operatives) will review audits of the co-operative institutes across the district this month.

The review meeting of co-operative institutes in the district is to be held on December 19 at the office of the Nashik District Central Co-operative Bank in the city.

Sunil Bansode, deputy district registrar (Co-operatives), said, “Earlier, the review of co-operative institutes’ annual audit had been conducted during October 14 to 16 in the city. The meeting has been organised this month for those co-operative institutes, which did not attend the review meeting of October.”

It is mandatory to co-operative institutes to appoint auditor at the Annual General Meeting by September 30 to audit their accounts for the current financial year 2015-16. The review is to be taken whether the co-operative institutes appointed an auditor for audit. Moreover, discussions are to be held with related co-operative institutes to appoint an auditor as per provisions under the Maharashtra Co-operative Institutes Act 81. It is also mandatory to co-operative institutes to file returns for the last financial year 2014-15 by online to the office of the DDR.

Moreover, the DDR will also review whether the institutes, which have appointed an auditor during last AGM, have received audio reports from their auditors.

Presently, there are total 10,686 co-operative societies in the district registered with the co-operative department of the state government, which includes primary agricultural credit societies, urban co-opp banks, credit societies, marketing societies, sugar mills, salaried employees’ credit societies, consumer societies, housing societies, labour societies, water distribution societies etc. The office of the DDR has started a process to cancel registration of the defunct co-operative institutes in the district.



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