Ayush dept to plant more medicinal trees


The Ayush department, Nashik, has decided to plant more medicinal shrubs and trees at all the community health service centres in the district. The idea is to spread awareness among people in context to medicinal plants. Medical officers of the community health service centres under the Nashik civil hospital will be in charge of this new plantation drive.

According to Nilesh Patil, Assistant District Ayush officer there are 30 hospitals including the Nashik civil hospital, a general hospital at Malegaon, four sub divisional hospitals and the rest are rural hospitals. “While there are Ayush gardens at quite a few hospitals, the aim is to extend the medicinal plants gardens,” he said.

He further explained,”The aim of the health department is to ensure that the residents in rural areas of the district are provided with convenient and effective health services. Extending the medicinal gardens is a part of achieving this objective. Treatment of various ailments by using medicinal plants has been passed from one generation to the next. Many people have accepted the fact that many illnesses can be cured by consuming leaves, stems, fruits, etc of certain shrubs and plants.”

“Changing lifestyles of humans has triggered many mental illnesses as well as other ailments like blood pressure, loss of sleep, diabetes, lost of immunity, etc If these illnesses can be curbed in the starting stages with the help of medicinal plants or shrubs, it will save a lot of time, money, mental tension of the patient and the burden on hospitals,” said Patil.

Ayush officials said that if the general public is educated about the benefits of these medicinal plants, they can use them before approaching the doctors. The medicinal plants are easily available and are much more affordable than expensive medicines.

Further, the medicinal gardens will also add to the beauty of the community health service centres. The concerned staff of the rural, sub divisional, general and civil hospitals will also have to adopt the concept of ‘speaking plant’.



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