DIC asks existing MSMEs in Nasik to submit Adhaar number


District Industries Centre (DIC) has urged the existing micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to submit their Adhaar card numbers online for acknowledgement.

The central government has made online registrations mandatory to new micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and it has been linked to Adhar card number. In Maharashtra, it has been made mandatory from October 6. Accordingly, an entrepreneur, who is opening a new unit in MSMEs category, will have to submit Adhaar card number only online for the registration. Apart from this, existing MSMEs, which are operational, will have to file adhar number and take acknowledgement.

As part of this, the DIC has organised a camp for the existing MSMEs from December 1 to 31 to help them file Adhaar card number and take acknowledgement.

The statement issued by the DIC, states, “As per the notification by the the Ministry of MSMEs of the central government dated September 18, 2015, it has been made mandatory to all existing MSMEs, which have gone into production, to submit adhar card number online and take acknowledgement. In a bid to facilitate the entrepreneurs, the DIC has organised a month-long camp from December 1 to 31, except holidays, to submit their adhar card number online and give them Udyog Adhaar Acknowledgement.”

The statement adds, “The entrepreneurs, who are participating in the camp, need to have details like Adhaar card number, bank account number, IFS Code and their email address. There is no need of any other documents apart from this. The camp is conducted at the Nashik office of DIC during official hours except holidays.”



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